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  • Medical Family Therapy

    Medical Family Therapy

    When a member of the family is diagnosed with a major medical or psychological illness or disorder the entire family is affected, and many issues and stresses arise.  Dealing with aging parents or an ill spouse or child can lead to significant family issues that Medical Family Therapy can address and help. Find more information on our Blog.

    Common Illnesses and Disorders:

    Medical Family Therapy helps families adapting to chronic or life shortening illness as well as mental or physical disabilities and  significantly enhances treatment for major and chronic illness.  Therapy is likely to be more effective for most disorders if significant and relevant family members are included.

     Childhood Illness:

    When the medical or psychological diagnosis is for a child, it not only affects the child who experiences the symptoms but also the child’s family.

    Impact on Parents:

    Parents experience greater stress that goes beyond that found in normal child development. These difficulties take away their attention from other children in the family as well as their own marriage.

    Impact on Siblings:

    Siblings may express feelings of anger and frustration toward their diagnosed sibling because they feel somewhat left out or rejected since the parents are often pre-occupied with the diagnosed child.

    Chronic Illness:

    Chronic illness and pain is a very personal experience and while some will suffer in silence, others will lash out at to their loved ones in an unconscious attempt to vent their frustration, anger, and stress.

    Having a chronic illness can lead to depression or substance abuse. Medical Family Therapy can help you and your family cope with chronic illness.

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