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  • How 2020 will Nuance Our New Year’s Resolutions

    It’s 2021! And for many, that means it’s a time to reflect on the past and project hopes onto the New Year ahead. 

    Let’s take a trip back to December 2019 when we were excited to be finished with the year and embrace a new one!  We dreamed that the hard work would pay off in 2020 and that all the good things we dreamt of would manifest.  We looked forward to balancing our work with play. 

    A popular meme boasted that Halloween and July 4th lands on Saturdays, Christmas and New Years lands on Fridays, and Cinco De Mayo lands on a Taco Tuesday!  “2020 is about to be lit,” we said.  Aaaand then COVID, quarantine, police brutality, protests, riots, unemployment, and a United States election happened.

    Before this post becomes a Debbie Downer, and before you lose hope for this year, let’s re-cap all the good that happened in 2020 and see how last year can help us have life-giving, fulfilling, and delicious goals for 2021

    Good things about 2020:

    • We pulled together in the fight against COVID-19
    • We cheered medical staff as they were changing shifts
    • We sang to each other from our windows and balconies
    • People around the world stood up together against violence and injustice
    • Supreme Court protected LGBTQ employees from being fired
    • Our planet had a chance to heal and breathe-carbon emissions were down
    • Many of us got the chance to spend much-needed time with ourselves
    • Many of us got the chance to rest
    • We revolutionized the way we work and socialize
    • Many of us got the chance to move into meaningful work
    • We valued purpose and meaningfulness in our lives

    What does this mean for our new goals and resolution?  One hypothesis is that we might choose altered goals that reflect our values in a different way.  You might find that your goals are a little more nuanced.  Goals may move away from being focused on behaviors to change, and move towards mindsets to attain.

    Some examples of nuanced goals: (Note, all goals listed below can be good!)

    • Eat healthier VS. be more thankful for access to food
    • Make more money VS. value what I have, possessions are not everything
    • Exercise more to look good VS. work out to increase my longevity
    • Learn a new skill VS. know that I am enough
    • Find another job VS. pursue my purpose
    • Spend more time with family and friends VS. honor my family and friends
    • Be more confident VS. I will stand up for others
    • Get better friends VS. allow others to be themselves-times are rough

    While all of these goals listed above can be good goals, there is a transition from behavior to attitude.  What are some of the ways in which you feel your goals will be nuanced this year?

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