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    Group Therapy



    Group Therapy provides a safe and comfortable place for individuals with commons problems, issues, and challenges to provide support and suggestions to one another. Group members will have the opportunity to explore and examine their interpersonal relationships as well. By facilitating small specialty groups, the CWCSF Therapists will help group members learn, understand, gain insight, tackle problems, and enhance their Individual Counseling towards positive change.


    There are many benefits of Group Therapy. Group members may act as one another’s support system, support network, or sounding board.  Group participants often help each other come up with specific ideas for improving difficult situations or life challenges one is facing. Accountability and perspective are also key benefits of Group Therapy. Knowing that you aren’t alone or that you aren’t the only one struggling can be an enormous relief during challenging life situations. Diversity is another important benefit of Group Therapy, having different personalities and backgrounds can lead to viewing one’s situation in a variety of ways, which has proven helpful to many.  Group members may learn social skills, which they can use in their relationships with others. The CWCSF Therapists may provide a psycho-educational component to the group as well. Finally, since the therapists are treating several individuals simultaneously, Group Therapy is less expensive than Individual Counseling.

    Please contact a CWCSF Therapist at 954-951-2929 for more information and current availability in one of our groups.

    Jennifer Artesani, M.Ed, LMHC has availability in her Social Skills Groups for Pre-teens and Teens.

    Contact jennifer@cwcsf for more information